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COC resin TOPAS ® is a kind of metallocene catalyst technology based on the original high quality and high purity amorphous annular resin.
In the very strict standard medical instrument device and check the medical fields, such as diagnostic kits, as a high quality and high cost of quartz glass and PDMS (polydimethylsiloxane), TOPAS ® is a alternative materials and has the best features and cost performance
Prefilling syringe and plastic bottle
Plastics has been used to produce precharged injectors to replace glass in the vast majority of european-centric areas.
Prefi lled syringe can improve the damaged in the process of manufacturing scrap, lose weight, won't produce metal dissolution, Meanwhile it also has the best water vapor barrier property (long-term preservation) and fine features such as high transparency as glass, so it is the best alternative material for replacement of glass material.
Plastic bottles also hold the same characteristics, especially suitable for long-term storage.
Trace titration plate
TOPAS ® is also used in microtiter plate and biochip, such as testing equipment.
Micro titration plate is an experimental and testing instrument for biochemical analysis and clinical examination. Many pass microtiter plate holes (384) which made by TOPAS ®  will help to save operation time and reduce the dosage of samples and make the data more precise, therefore it can deal with a variety of samples and information of the process of modern chemistry and biology. TOPAS ® is the best plastic material specially for organic solvent (such as DMSO = dimethyl sulfoxide) and heat resistance requirements of DNA and protein analysis, etc,. In addition, due to low fluorescence and low resistance to drugs (except for oil and non-polar solvents), it is also suitable for the use of UV light for testing containers.
For determine BSE (mad cow disease) and simple measuring instrument for the purpose of bird flu, Biological chip is expected to be used as reaction pool (reaction cell) should have fine heat-resistance, low fluorescence spontaneity and transcription, etc. TOPAS ® can meet the requirements of the above features, meanwhile also has its own high liquidity brought about by the high mold transcription and good cost performance,and therefore is considered to be the best plastic material for this purpose.
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